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LXCat discussion on Wednesday

October 12th 2016, 19:00 - 21:00 in room 2B

LXCat (www.lxcat.net) is an open-access, web-based platform for storing, exchanging, and manipulating data needed for the electron and ion components in cold, non-equilibrium plasmas. Over 40 people from institutions around the world have so far contributed to this project, and the data are widely used by members of the GEC community. An informal meeting to discuss questions, suggestions and future plans for the LXCat project will be held on Wednesday. Tentative program includes: LXCat news and updates, information about association "Data for modeling plasmas", discussion of plasma chemistry round-robin test (see announcement), and COST plasma chemistry initiative.

If you are a current/future user or contributor, or if you are simply interested in knowing more about the project, please plan to attend. For further information or to suggest agenda items before the meeting, please contact Sergey Pancheshnyi at sergey.pancheshnyi@ch.abb.com.